Being a guy in these ever changing times can be challenging. In the post #metoo era, navigating the world has forever changed for most men. What are the new rules for “being a man”? How can a man be his best self, for himself and those he loves? What is his role nowadays: provider? hunter? lover? fighter Taking its cue from the award-winning novel Man Mission, the Man Mission Podcast embarks on a “mission” to explore the many facets of manhood in the modern age, through dialogue, discussion and interviews. Each episode will examine issues relevant to being a guy in the 21st century. And also have a bit of fun along the way.

Our discovery muse for this endeavor is Eytan Uliel – businessman, traveler, blogger, author and now podcast crash test dummy. Ask Eytan to take a challenge and this might very well become his next mission!



So there are movies based on books, musicals based on movies, movies based on video games, books based on movies, movies based on books based on plays.

But now for the first time, we have a podcast based on book inspired by a blog!


Welcome to the Man Mission Podcast.

Through dialogue, discussion and interviews with a range of experts, celebrities and commentators – male and female alike – each episode of the Man Mission Podcast will explore a different facet of manhood in the Modern Age. Tackling all those manly issues you wish you could talk about, but don’t. Issues ranging from emotional intelligence to fatherhood, from dating to aging, from attending a men’s group to ‘manscaping’: no topic is too trivial, and no topic is ever off limits. And that is where you, the audience, come in. You see:


Yes, the Man Mission Podcast needs your help!

Eytan Uliel – businessman, traveler, blogger and author – has now offered himself up as ‘man-muse’ for the rest of us. We will send Eytan on missions selected by our soon to be loyal and slightly voyeuristic audience. Will Eytan try peyote? Will Eytan wrestle a crocodile? Will Eytan wax his chest? No mission is too big, no task is too outlandish, and no suggestion too small.

So suggest a Mission for our muse via email: info@manmissionpodcast.com